Building 46 and Headquarters

Building 46 and Headquarters

The MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences is unique on the MIT campus in that nearly all of our research and academic activity happens in one place, Building 46, a state-of-the-art facility designed to support groundbreaking science. 

Within our laboratories, the BCS community has access to the latest technology, from gene manipulation and multi-electrode recording, to functional brain imaging and optogenetics, CLARITY, and CRISPR. We use top-of-the-line equipment to conduct our work, including MEG and fMRI scanning machines, a high-density micro arraying device, and multiple Beowulf clusters for parallel computation. 

There is an exciting synergy here, with students and scientists making connections and working across disciplines. It creates a fertile environment of innovation ideally suited for our work: finding answers to the most important questions about the human brain. 

Things to know about Building 46: 

  • Access to the building is restricted from 6pm to 6am Monday through Friday, and all day on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. 
  • You must have an ID card to enter the building after hours and should keep it on you at all times.  
Administrative contact list

The staff members of BCS HQ are available to help the BCS community on a variety of topics.  Contact information and areas of responsibility are below.

BCS Administrative Officer: Pia Handsom 
BCS Department Head Assistant: Jamie Wiley

Human Resources

BCS Human Resources Administrator: Kate White 
BCS Human Resources Assistant: Federico Chiavazza 


BCS Undergraduate Administrator: Jillian Auerbach 
BCS Graduate Assistant: Julianne Gale Ormerod
BCS MCN Program Assistant: Charles Moss 


BCS Financial Assistant: Toni Oliver 

Communications, Development, Industry Relations

Director of Strategic Scientific Development/Industry Liaison: Rachel Donahue 
Communications Officer/Scientific Writer: Sara Cody 

Outreach and Diversity

BCS Diversity Outreach Coordinator: Mandana Sassanfar 

Facilities and Operations

Facilities and Operations Administrator: Gerry Desmond 
Facilities and Operations Assistant: Ramika Smith