Updates to Building 46 COVID-19 Response

Updates to Building 46 COVID-19 Response

Dear Building 46 colleagues,

This is a disruptive and distressing moment, but also one we will get through together. While most of us shift to working from home, or remain socially distanced in other ways, it continues to be vital that we all stay engaged with information and discourse related to our health and our work. This is especially true because of how fast things have been changing. There are several specific dimensions for ongoing engagement to take note of.

Lab research plans: It is very important to not only watch your email (or lab Slack, or texts, etc.) but also to get in contact with your PI to stay informed about your lab’s plan for scaling back on-campus research. For many of us, this is an especially difficult consequence of the COVID pandemic, but the current goal is to have our entire building operating at an on-site personnel density of approximately 10 percent of normal by Friday, March 20. In executing this scale back, we should also each be planning for the possibility of a complete Building 46 access shut-down in the coming weeks in which the only remaining daily personnel would be for the well-being of animals. It is critically important for each lab and person to have a complete shut-down plan in place that may need to be executed with very short notice. While this seems alarming, it is in all of our best interest to be fully prepared. Thus, as you move virtual, you should gather what you need to be virtual for what could potentially be several months or even longer. We are confident that we will together find novel ways to be our most productive as a community while working from home until public health circumstances allow us to return to our physical building.


Institute (MIT) updates: Please also keep up with frequent updates (they have been daily) from MIT at mit.edu/covid19. Even though you might not be on campus, this guidance is still important to watch closely for a wide variety of reasons. It includes links to many resources including, for instance, for video conferencing and remote teaching.

Administrative support: Remember that administrative staff in BCS, Picower and McGovern headquarters, and across MIT, may not be physically present, but are still working full-time and accessible by email or phone.

Personal and public safety: Please stay safe and healthy and be considerate of others by following public health and medical guidance to wash your hands frequently, practice social distancing, and keep the surfaces around you clean.

We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your cooperation, understanding and resilience as we navigate this unprecedented situation.

Our best regards,

Jim DiCarlo, Department Head, BCS
Li-Huei Tsai, Director, PILM
Bob Desimone, Director, MIBR