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Community Highlights


Sara Cody | BCS Communications
Spring | Summer 2019

Below are a few community highlights from the past semester.

To celebrate Grad Student Appreciation Week, BCS hosted a donut wall, complete with lattes. Thank you to our grad students for all of their hard work! (Left to right, Malinda McPherson, Andrew Francl, Mahdi Ramadan, Maddie Pelz, Martin Schrimpf, Jarrod Hicks, and Peng Qian)

BCS Department Head Jim DiCarlo presented the 2018 BCS Teaching and Mentorship Awards at the 2019 Hans-Lukas Teuber Lecture. Graduate student recipients include (left to right) Mattias Hofer, Nhat Le, Jenna Aronson, John Tauber, Jungsoo Kim, Anna Ivanova, Jon Gauthier, Michael Fee, Andres Crane, and Scarlett Barker. Not pictured: Junyi Chu, Mika Braginsky, Chad Sauvola and Luke Hewitt.

2018 faculty recipients of the BCS Teaching and Mentorship Award include (left to right) Mehrdad Jazayeri, Laura Schulz, Mark Harnett and Steve Flavell. Not pictured: Rebecca Saxe.

Matheus Victor, postdoctoral associate in Prof. Li-Huei Tsai’s lab, was selected as a winner of the Koch Institute Image Awards. His research image, “Circuit Training: Shining a Light on Neural Development” is currently on display in the Koch Institute. The image depicts a synthetic brain circuit with engineered light-activated neurons (blue and white) that respond to stimulation patterns that mimic excitatory signals from the developing brain. The electrodes in the foreground record the transmission of signals between cells, revealing important information about the development of neural networks. Photo credit: Samara Vise