Faculty, researcher, student and staff awards

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Faculty, researcher, student and staff awards

Associate Professor Ed Boyden also received both a Pioneer Award for his project “Millisecond-Timescale Whole-Brain Neural Activity Mapping in Health and Disease” as well as a Transformative R01 Award for his project “Recording neural activities onto DNA.”

Profs. Bob Desimone, Ed Boyden, Emery Brown and Sebastian Seung were invited to the White House for President Obama’s announcement of the BRAIN Initiative.

Prof. Martha Constantine-Paton was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Institute Prof. Ann Graybiel was invited to the White House to meet President Obama in recognition of her Kavli Award.

Assistant Prof. Myriam Heiman and her laboratory received an “On-the-Spot” Award for establishing and maintaining a high level of safety.

Prof. Sebastian Seung was selected by MIT to hold the Dorothy W. Poitras Professorship for the next five years, a chair previously held by BCS Prof. Emeritus Peter Schiller.  

Prof. Josh Tenenbaum was elected a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society.

Assistant Prof. Kay Tye was selected by the Esther A. and Joseph Klingenstein Fund to receive a Klingenstein Fellowship.  She was also selected by MIT to receive the Whitehead Career Development Chair, and awarded the Director’s New Innovator Award from NIH for her project “ A Novel Strategy for Combating Obesity: Reprogramming Neural Circuits”.  

Prof. Feng Zhang was selected by MIT to receive the Keck Career Development Chair.  He also received a Vallee Foundation Young Investigator Award, was selected as one of MIT Technology Review’s 2013 list of “Innovators under 35” and named one of Popular Science’s yearly “Brilliant Ten” for his work on open-source genetic engineering techniques.  
Postdocs and students
Dr. Suhasa Kodandaramaiah, a postdoc in Prof. Ed Boyden’s lab, has been named by Forbes Magazine to their “30 Under 30” list of rising stars in the field of science and healthcare.

Grad student Steve Ramirez was selected as one of MIT Technology Review’s 2013 list of “Innovators under 35”.

The following Course 9 students were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa:
Hamsika Chandrasekar
June Geng
Elia Harmatz

The following students received their PhDs from our department:
Dr. Ben Auerbach
Dr. Krista Ehinger
Dr. Hyowon Gweon
Dr. Mark Howe
Dr. Ni Ji
Dr. Li-Wei King
Dr. Stuart Layton
Dr. Retsina Meyer
Dr. David Osher
Dr. Zeynep Saygin
Dr. Susan Su
Dr. Nathaniel Twarog
Dr. Veronica Weiner

The following students graduated from MIT with Bachelor’s degrees in Brain and Cognitive Sciences:
Heather E. Acuff
Shivani Agarwal
Jennifer Bustamante
Hamsika Chandrasekar
Camila Caballero
Elizabeth Cain
Ian Cinnamon
Beverly G. Cope
Margaret Mary Cunniff
Jeremy Dalcin
Kathryn Dere
Swethasri Dravida
Joy Ekuta
Margarita Esteban
Jenelle Feather
June Geng
Chelsi Green
Sahar Hakim-Hashemi
Elia S. Harmatz
Connor Kirschbaum
Arooshi Kumar
Smriti Kumar
Allison Lee
Margaret Lee
Eugenia Luo
Carine Moezinia
Claire O’Connell
Victoria Okuneye
Catherine Olsson
Jessica Pourian
Carolina Roque
Alireza Samiei
Soraya Shehata
Elise Stave
Aparna Sud
Alissa Totman
Adrienne Tran
Lily Tran
Huaiying Wang
Shawn Wen Phyllis Yan
Jeanne Yu
Fangheng Zhou