Fall | Winter 2015 issue

10x_DG Engram Cells: This image represents a coronal section of hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG) from a mouse model of early Alzheimer’s disease (AD). These AD mice exhibit severe β-amyloid plaques (red) in the DG at 9-months of age. Using these mice combined with a novel viral strategy, engram cells (green; non-engram cells are in blue) for a contextual fear memory were tagged with a light-sensitive protein channelrhodopsin-2.

Cover image courtesy of Dheeraj Roy, Tonegawa laboratory

Meet the undergraduates

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Meet the undergraduates

BCS undergraduates are as varied geographically as they are diverse in their scientific interests.  Recently, three of them sat down with bcsnews to chat about their experiences as undergraduates in the department.