Awards and Honors

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Awards and Honors


Tristan Davies


Polina Anikeeva: 2020 MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Ed Boyden: 2020 Wilhelm Exner Medal

Emery Brown: 2020 Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, Society for Neuroscience; Elected Member of the Board of Directors, Simons Foundation

Gloria Choi: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation (NLMFF) Career Development Award; Walter B. Brewer Fund for Science Innovation

Kwanghun Chung: Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Steven Flavell: McKnight Scholars Award

Mehrdad Jayazeri: MIT School of Science Teaching Prize for Graduate Education

Nancy Kanwisher: 2019 George A. Miller Prize in Cognitive Neuroscience

Graduate students

Lou Beaulieu-Laroche (Harnett Lab): Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award from Fred Hutch

Meredith Mahnke (Miller Lab): Covid-19 Hero

Gwyneth Margaret Welch (Tsai Lab): Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Predoctoral Fellowship

Sandya Subramanian (Brown Lab): 2020- 2021 Collamore-Rogers Fellowship


Cassi Estrem (Flavell Lab): Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award

Héctor De Jesús-Cortés (Bear Lab): El Mundo Boston Latino 30 under 30 Award

Sam Rodriques (Boyden Lab) and Jonathan Strecker (Zhang Lab): 2019 STAT Wunderkind

Rachel Ryskin (Fedorenko/Gibson Labs) and Grayson Sipe (Sur Lab): School of Science Infinite Kilometer Award


Katie Collins: Barry Goldwater Scholar

Vaibhavi Shah (Sur Lab UROP): 2020-2021 Barry Goldwater Scholarship


Rachel Donahue: School of Science Infinite Mile Award

Gerald Hughes: Covid-19 Hero

Taylor Johns (Sur Laboratory Manager): Infinite Mile Award, School of Science

Catherine Nunziata (McGovern Institute HQ): MIT Infinite Mile Award

Eleanor Ricci-MacPhail (Sur Lab SCSB Administrative Manager): 2020 MIT Excellence Award

BCS Departmental Awards

Mark Harnett: Excellence in Graduate Mentoring

Myriam Heiman: Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Roger Levy: Postdoc Award to an Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor

Troy Littleton: Excellence in Undergraduate Advising

Sasha Rakhlin: Excellence in Graduate Teaching

Lupe Cruz, Maddie Cusimano, Mark Saddler: Angus MacDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by a Graduate Student

Victoria Beja-Glasser, Mahdi Ramadan: Walle Nauta Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching by a Graduate Student

Mika Braginsky, Tobias Kaiser, Halie Olson: Walle Nauta Award for Continuing Dedication to Teaching by a Graduate Student

Robert Ajemian: BCS Award for Excellence in Teaching

Earl Miller: Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), Kent State University

Elly Nedivi: Elected Member of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives

Rebecca Saxe: 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship

Morgan Sheng: 2020 Julius Axelrod Prize, Society for Neuroscience

Joshua Tenenbaum: MacArthur Award; elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Li-Huei Tsai: Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors