COVID-19 Information and Updates

March 11, 2020

COVID-19 Information and Updates


Tristan Davies | Brain & Cognitive Sciences

3-D model of the novel coronavirus. Image source: CDC.

This article will be updated as needed with information specific to the BCS community and includes links to key information sources at MIT and beyond.

Latest updates

August 17: New MIT COVID-19 website launches: includes information on testing, building access, and fall 2020 teaching plans.

July 22: Building 46 moves to Research Ramp-Up Phase 2

June 11: Building 46 moves to Research Ramp-Up Phase 1.

Previous Updates

March 20: Access to Building 46

March 18: MIT Guidance on Working Remotely and Pay Policies

March 17: Updates to Building 46 COVID-19 Response. Topics include planning for wind-down of research and potential longer-term restrictions on access to the building.

March 15: Adjusted Policies for the BCS PhD Program

March 13: Building 46 Access

March 11: Letter to the BCS community from Department Head Jim DiCarlo

March 10: Letter from President Reif regarding a significant new step in response to Covid-19

Key sites for information about COVID-19 and MIT’s response

MIT COVID-19 information

Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Information 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Information

MIT Remote Teaching resources