We are committed to nurturing a diverse, respectful and caring scientific community, inclusive of all students, faculty and staff regardless of their background, gender, race or beliefs. We recognize that our ultimate goal of reverse engineering the human mind cannot be sustained without valuing the mental and physical health of our community. It is through the experience of diverse interests, strengths, viewpoints and concerns of fellow students, staff and faculty, that our community members become open-minded intellectuals, leaders and innovators, primed to pursue the MIT mission of advancing and sharing knowledge to meet the great challenges of our time.

Consistent with MIT’s 2004 goal, we will continue to work with our colleagues in the School of Science and across the Institute to increase the number of under-represented minorities across all groups within the BCS community. In pursuit of these objectives, the Department's Diversity Committee, constituted in 2012, strives to implement initiatives that can further strengthen our community. An example of such an initiative is the post-baccalaureate program we have launched to prepare talented URM students for graduate studies in top-tier neuroscience programs. As Chair of this committee, Prof. Pawan Sinha plays an active role in faculty hiring, ensuring diverse candidates from all backgrounds are duly considered. Additionally, the BCS community works with and empowers our Diversity and Outreach Officer, Mandana Sassanfar, Ph.D., to spearhead departmental outreach efforts to bring in diverse and under-represented communities into the MIT community. Through the action of a host of summer programs and weekly workshops, these efforts have significant impact on expanding diversity in our graduate and postdoctoral communities.

We, as a department, hold paramount the goal of identifying and welcoming all individuals who seek to unravel the profound mysteries of the mind.

For more on well-being, diversity, and inclusion at MIT, see the home page of the Institute Community and Equity Office (ICEO).

For more information about the department's diversity initiatives, please contact:

Mandana Sassanfar, Ph.D. Diversity Officer, mandana@mit.edu

Pawan Sinha, BCS Professor and Chair, BCS Diversity Committee, psinha@mit.edu


BCS Diversity Committee

Pawan Sinha, faculty (Chair)

Emery Brown, faculty

Lupe Cruz, graduate student

Tristan Davies, staff

Hector de Jesus Cortes, postdoc

Ila Fiete, faculty

Steven Flavell, faculty

John Gabrieli, faculty

Ted Gibson, faculty

Ann Graybiel, faculty

Myriam Heiman, faculty

Mary Roderick, staff

Kate White, staff