Adjusted Policies for the BCS PhD Program

Adjusted Policies for the BCS PhD Program

From the BCS Graduate Affairs Committee

This message is to send you updates on milestones and deadlines for making progress in your PhD, given the new COVID-19 restrictions. First, though, we hope you are all hanging in there, keeping safe, but feeling supported and connected. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us, for anything you need. 

Now, here are the new policies for the PhD program:

Thesis Defense
If you have a thesis defense scheduled in the next two months, it is up to you and your committee if you would prefer to hold it over zoom, or to delay it, in case we are able to return to campus before the end of the summer. Please let us know what you decide. 

2nd-5th year Committee Meetings
Deadlines for committee meetings, originally the end of the spring, have been extended to the end of the summer. We encourage everyone to hold remote committee meetings, rather than cancelling or postponing them — staying in touch with your committee about how to maintain progress towards your degree is even more important than ever under these unusual circumstances. However, we understand the additional complexity of making plans, and no one will fall out of good standing in the program because of difficulty scheduling. 

First Year students
We encourage first year students who already have a preferred lab and advisor (with mutual consent of the PI) to choose a lab and advisor now. Having a specific PI advisor will help you make plans for remote research activities. Please let Julianne know by Thursday 3/19 if you have made your choice (cc’ing your advisor). Any first year student who is uncertain about their choice of advisor, please reach out to one of us ASAP. You can reach out to the rotations coordinator, Mark Harnett, the graduate officer Rebecca Saxe, the first year advisor Roger Levy, or the Academic Administrator Sierra Vallin — or really any of us. We would like to know ASAP who is in this situation, so we can help you find an interim lab.

And again, to everyone, please reach out with any questions. And stay safe.