Department Head
Michale Fee

Associate Department Head

Associate Department Head and Graduate Officer
Rebecca Saxe

Associate Department Head, Diversity Officer, and Undergraduate Officer
Laura Schulz

Postdoctoral Officer
Mark Bear

Administrative Officer
Kate White

Space Officer
Nancy Kanwisher

BCS Council

The Council sets priorities and plans long-term strategies for the department, and reflects the voice of the BCS faculty to guide decision-making.

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Michale Fee (Chair)
Mark Bear (Postdoctoral Representative)
Emery Brown (IMES, IDSS)
Bob Desimone (MIBR)
Evelina Fedorenko (Junior Faculty Representative)
Michale Fee (Systems Area Representative)
Michael Halassa (Junior Faculty Representative)
Troy Littleton (Cellular / Molecular Area Representative)
Elly Nedivi (Cellular / Molecular Area Representative)
Tomaso Poggio (CBMM)
Rebecca Saxe (Cognitive Area Representative)
Laura Schulz (DEIJ Representative)
Mriganka Sur (SCSB)
Josh Tenenbaum (Computation Area Representative)
Li-Huei Tsai (PILM)
Kate White (Staff)


BCS Education Committee

The Education Committee creates, reviews and approves curricula, classes, qualifying exams, and undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

Contact: Sierra Vallin, Academic Administrator

Michale Fee (chair)
Jim DiCarlo
Guoping Feng
Ted Gibson
Myriam Heiman
Rebecca Saxe
Laura Schulz
Matt Wilson
Sierra Vallin (Academic Administrator)

Student representatives

Victoria Beja-Glasser
Michael Happ
Xiangyu Zhang

BCS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee

The overarching charge of the BCS  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Committee is to enhance the richness of our department’s composition.  We seek to foster an inclusive, fair and equitable culture where every individual, irrespective of his/her background, has a real chance to excel. A specific charge of the BCS DEIJ Committee is to review current practices and identify actionable opportunities for improvement.

Statement of support for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Laura Schulz, faculty (Chair)
Emery Brown, faculty
Lupe Cruz, graduate student
Tristan Davies, staff
Héctor de Jesús Cortés, postdoc
Ila Fiete, faculty
Steven Flavell, faculty
John Gabrieli, faculty
Ted Gibson, faculty
Ann Graybiel, faculty
Myriam Heiman, faculty
Mary Roderick, staff
Mandana Sassanfar, staff
Pawan Sinha, faculty
Kate White, staff

BCS Graduate Student Affairs Committee

The Graduate Student Affairs oversees the graduate program, including recruitment, admissions, mentorship, and student progress through the qualifying exams.

Contact: Sierra Vallin, Academic Administrator

Rebecca Saxe (Chair)
Steve Flavell (Website)
Mark Harnett (Rotations Coordinator)
Roger Levy (First year student advisor, Quals and Committees)
Sierra Vallin (Staff)

BCS Graduate Admissions Committee

Graduate Admissions oversees the admissions cycle.

Contact: Julianne Ormerod, Senior Graduate Program Assistant.

Matt Wilson (chair)
Michale Fee
Ila Fiete
Ted Gibson
Josh McDermott
Elly Nedivi
Mandana Sassanfar
Julianne Ormerod (Staff)

BCS Seminar Committee

The Seminar Committee oversees the MIT Colloquium on the Brain and Cognition by suggesting, and accepting suggestions for, colloquium speakers; assessing current BCS colloquia series and proposing improvements; and reviewing proposals for new series or speakers.

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Alan Jasanoff (Chair)
Polina Anikeeva
Gloria Choi (PILM Representative)
Evelina Fedorenko (BCS Representative)
Mehrdad Jazayeri (MIBR Representative)
Earl Miller
Drazen Prelec
Hector De Jesus-Cortes (Postdoctoral Fellow Representative)
Ni Ji (Postdoctoral Fellow Representative)
Chen Sun (Graduate Student Representative)

BCS Junior Faculty Mentoring Committee

The charge of the BCS Junior Faculty Mentoring Committee is to assess the needs of junior faculty, remcommend strategies to ensure effecitve mentoprship, and help junior faculty obtain effective mentorship. This Committee is not an evaluation body, but a venue in which junior faculty can get advice without concern that they are being judged.

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Nancy Kanwisher (Chair)
Mark Bear
Elly Nedivi
Kate White (Staff) 

BCS Community Conveners

The Community Conveners are members of specific BCS sub-communities who assess needs, organize events, and represent their communities in decision-making processes.

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Hector De Jesus-Cortes

Grad students
Daniel Estandian
Meg McCue

Nahom Marie
Leigh-Ana Rossitto

Kate White

BCS Computational Infrastructure Committee

This committee addresses the computational needs of the department.

Contact: Kate White, Administrative Officer

Satra Ghosh (chair)
Ila Fiete
Josh McDermott
Jim DiCarlo
Vikash Mansinghka
Shaohao Chen
Sasha Rakhlin
Feng Zhang
Kate White (Staff)