Research / Computation

Computation uses the tools of mathematics and computers to develop theoretical models that test and expand our understanding of the workings of brain and behavioral processes. Unlike the related field of artificial intelligence, computation seeks not just to create intelligence out of machines, but to illuminate the processes that underlie sensation and perception, control of action, learning and memory, language, and other cognitive processes. These theoretical studies offer the prospect of connecting diverse research constructs and paradigms, and of providing a new understanding of the algorithms that drive our mental "machinery."


  • Ted Adelson
  • Aude Oliva
  • Tomaso Poggio
  • Sebastian Seung
  • Pawan Sinha
  • Josh Tenenbaum
  • Robert Berwick
  • Emery Brown
  • Neville Hogan
  • Whitman Richards
  • Jean-Jacques Slotine