Research / Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience is a multidisciplinary field of research that encompasses systems neuroscience, computation, and cognitive science. Its goal is to further our understanding of the relationship between cognitive phenomena and the underlying physical substrate of the brain. Using a combination of behavioral testing, advanced brain imaging, and theoretical modeling, the cognitive neuroscience research endeavors taking place within the department seek to elucidate how high-level functions, such as language and visual object recognition, relate to specific neural substructures in the brain.

The ability to synthesize cross-disciplinary areas of investigation in fields such as cognitive neuroscience is a direct result of the unique research environment at BCS, where specializations often viewed as disparate are integrated within a single, collaborative department.


  • Emilio Bizzi
  • Suzanne Corkin
  • James DiCarlo
  • John Gabrieli
  • Ann Graybiel
  • Nancy Kanwisher
  • Earl Miller
  • Rebecca Saxe
  • Pawan Sinha