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Edward H. Adelson, Ph.D. John and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Vision Science
psychophysics; computer vision; visual perception
Mark Bear, Ph.D. Picower Professor of Neuroscience
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
synaptic plasticity; visual cortex; devopmental brain disorders

Robert C. Berwick, Ph.D Professor of Computational Linguistics
grammar theory; computational linguistics
Emilio Bizzi, M.D., Ph.D. Institute Professor
neural control of movements
Edward S. Boyden, PhD AT&T Career Development Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
neuroengineering; psychiatry; neural circuits
Emery N. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Health Sciences & Technology
neural signal processesing; point processes; general anesthesia
Gloria B. Choi, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
olfactory learning and memory
Stephan Chorover, Ph.D Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
Martha Constantine-Paton, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
synaptogenesis; development; disease
Suzanne Corkin, Ph.D. Professor of Neuroscience, Emerita
memory systems; neurodegeneration; neuroimaging
Robert Desimone, Ph.D. Doris and Don Berkey Professor of Neuroscience. Director, McGovern Institute for Brain Research
attention; vision; synchrony
James DiCarlo, MD, PhD Professor of Neuroscience. Department Head.
object recognition; neuronal computation; visual perception
Michale Fee, Ph.D. Professor of Neuroscience. Associate Department Head.
songbirds; neural sequences
Guoping Feng, Ph.D. Poitras Professor of Neuroscience
synapse; circuit; optogenetics; OCD; autism; bipolar disorder
John D. E. Gabrieli, Ph.D. Grover Hermann Professor in Health Sciences and Technology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Director, Martinos Imaging Center at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Director, MIT Clinical Research Center.
memory; brain imaging; cognition
Edward A. F. Gibson, Ph.D. Professor of Cognitive Sciences
language processing; quantitative linguistics; culture and cognition (piraha)
Ki Ann Goosens, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
fear and stress; viral-mediated gene transfer; tetrode recording
Ann M. Graybiel, Ph.D. Institute Professor
basal ganglia; habit learning; multielectrode recording
Myriam Heiman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
striatum, neurodegeneration, neuronal profiling
Alan Hein, Ph.D. Professor of Experimental Psychology, Emeritus
Richard Held, Ph.D. Professor of Experimental Psychology, Emeritus
Susan Hockfield, Ph.D. Professor of Neuroscience
Neville Hogan, Ph.D. Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering
motor control; robotics
Alan Jasanoff, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biological Engineering
functional MRI; neural systems; reward learning
Mehrdad Jazayeri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
neural circuits, sensorimotor function, time perception
Nancy Kanwisher, Ph.D. Walter A. Rosenblith Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
human cognitive neuroscience; fMRI; vision and perception
Nelson Yuan-Sheng Kiang Eaton-Peabody Professor, Emeritus
Frank Keller, Ph.D. Visitng Associate Professor
Yingxi Lin, Ph.D. Fred & Carole Middleton Career Development Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
GABAergic synapses; neuronal activity; circuit homeostasis
J. Troy Littleton, M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Biology
molecular neuroscience; neurotransmitter release; synaptic plasticity
Josh McDermott, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
computational audition; auditory perception and cognition; music perception

Earl K. Miller, Ph.D. Picower Professor of Neuroscience
executive; neurophysiology; cognition
Elly Nedivi, Ph.D. Professor of Neurobiology
synaptic plasticity; activity-dependent genes
Aude Oliva, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
computational visual cognition; scene understanding; visual memory
Tomaso A.Poggio, Ph.D. Eugene McDermott Professor in the Brain Sciences and Human Behavior
computational neuroscience; vision; learning theory
Mary C.Potter, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
picture perception and memory; attention; visual perception
Drazen Prelec, Ph.D. Digital Equipment Corporation Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management, Management Science & Economics
neuroeconomics; judgment and decision making; bayesian models
William G. Quinn, Ph.D. Professor of Neurobiology
drosophila; memory
Whitman A. Richards, Ph.D. Professor of Cognitive Sciences, Emeritus
cognition and perception; computation
Rebecca R. Saxe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
development; social cognition; neuroimaging
Peter H. Schiller, Ph.D. Professor of Medical Physiology, Emeritus
visual systems; oculomotor systems
Gerald E. Schneider, Ph.D. Professor of Neuroscience
axon development; regeneration
Laura Schulz, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
cognitive development; causal learning; exploratory play
H. Sebastian Seung, Ph.D. Dorothy W. Poitras Professor of Computational Neuroscience
connectomics; structure and function of neural networks
Pawan Sinha, Ph.D. Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience
computational vision; object recognition
Jean-Jacques Slotine, Ph.D. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Information Sciences
dynamics, robotics
Mriganka Sur, Ph.D., FRS Paul E. Newton Professor of Neuroscience.
cerebral cortex; development, plasticity and dynamics; brain disorders
Joshua Tenenbaum, Ph.D. Professor of Cognitive Science and Computation
bayesian models of cognition; learning and inference; computational cognitive science
Susumu Tonegawa, Ph.D. Picower Professor of Biology and Neuroscience. Director, Riken-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics
learning and memory; mental retardation and psychiatric diseases; genetic engineering
Li-Huei Tsai, Ph.D. Picower Professor of Neuroscience. Director, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator.
epigenetic regulation of learning and memory; alzheimer's disease; neurogenesis
Kay Tye, PhD Whitehead Career Development Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
neural circuits
Shimon Ullman, PhD. Adjunct Professor
Kenneth N. Wexler, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Linguistics
language acquisition; psycholinguistics; genetics of language
Matthew Wilson, Ph.D. Sherman Fairchild Professor of Neuroscience. Associate Director, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory.
hippocampal learning and memory; sleep

Richard Wurtman, M.D. Professor of Neuropharmacology, Emeritus
synapses; brain membrane synthesis; neurotransmitters
Weifeng Xu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
synaptic plasticity; excitability; electrophysiology
Feng Zhang, Ph.D. Keck Career Development Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
neuropsychiatric diseases;synthetic biology; neuroengineering
  current as of 7/11/12

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