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BCS sponsors several ongoing colloquium series that help foster dialogue among students and faculty across different departmental research areas, and include distinguished scientists from around the world. Formal seminars include the Bidwell Lecture Series, Department Faculty Colloquia, the Teuber Lecture Series, the Vision Seminar Series, and those sponsored by the Center for Biological and Computational Learning (Brains and Machines).

The department also hosts informal seminars that take place virtually every day during the academic year. Of special interest are the department's weekly Brain Lunch and Cog Lunch meetings, at which graduate students present their research findings to a departmental audience.

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MIT Colloquium on the Brain and Cognition

This lecture series, held weekly during the academic year, features a wide array of speakers from all areas of neuroscience and cognitive science research. The social teas that follow these colloquia bring together students, staff, and faculty to discuss the talk, as well as other research activities within Building 46, at MIT, and around the world. This event is co-sponsored by The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT.

Teuber Lecture

The Hans-Lukas Teuber Memorial Lecture is made possible by the Robert K. Yin Fund, established in 1998 by Robert K. Yin (BCS Ph.D. 1970), founder and president of Cosmos Corporation. Dr. Yin wished to commemorate the department's founder and first chairman, whose vision continues to inspire and inform the department's work. Dr. Teuber was also a consensus builder and a great teacher — attributes that are celebrated in this lecture series. Speakers include distinguished members from the neuroscience and cognitive science community, who are selected by a small group of graduate students in conjunction with a faculty member.

Bidwell Lecture

The Margaret Bidwell Memorial Lecture is a special spring-term presentation given by a prominent scientist on the subject of brain diseases or disorders. The lecture series is provided by the Margaret Bidwell Memorial Fund, established in 1997 by John B. Bidwell (MIT SB 1963, MCP 1966), in honor of his late wife.

Vision Seminar Series

Sponsored in part by Google, the Vision Seminar Series provides a forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research in vision. This research spans all levels of analysis, and draws together disparate members of the department to address the complex phenomena that define human vision and perception. This series will run again during the Spring semester.

Autism and Developmental Disorders Colloquium Series

The Autism and Developmental Disorders Colloquium Series is part of the Simons Center for the Social Brain at MIT. It is typically held twice a month during the academic year on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in room 46-3002. For more information on the Simons Center, please visit their website.

Brains and Machines

This seminar series brings together students and faculty from the Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL) and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) to discuss the phenomenon of intelligence and its realization in the mind and brain. One important focus of the series is the problem of learning, which is emerging as the gateway to understanding and reproducing intelligence, both biological and artificial.

BrainLunch and CogLunch

BrainLunch is a weekly, student-organized seminar series at which MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences graduate students (and occasionally postdoctoral or non-BCS students) present their research on brain-related issues. These sessions — both informal and informative — are a long-standing department tradition. CogLunch, which focuses on cognitive science, is another student-organized series presented in a similar format.