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MIT Colloquium on the Brain and Cognition

This colloquium series is co-sponsored by the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT.

Thursdays at 4:00 PM, Bldg 46-3002 Singleton Auditorium


Spring 2015




2/5/2015 Ege Kavalali Littleton / Xu PILM
2/12/2015 Dora Angelaki Jazayeri MIBR
2/19/2015 Andrew King McDermott BCS
2/26/2015 David Ginty Yingxi Lin MIBR
3/5/2015 Barry Dickson Tommi Poggio MIBR
3/12/2015 NLM Lecture
Nachum Ulanovsky
Stephen Allsop BCS
3/19/2015 Teuber Lecture
Tom Griffiths
Hilary Richardson BCS
4/2/2015 Sacha Nelson Heiman PILM
4/9/2015 Bruno Olshausen Adelson BCS
4/16/2015 Tony Zador McDermott BCS
4/23/2015 Bidwell Lecture
Wolf Singer
Bear / Miller BCS
5/7/2015 Ming Guo Tsai PILM


Fall 2014



Sept 4 Dr. Antonello Bonci
Alexi Nott
Sept 11 Dr. Doug Black Miriam Heiman
Sept 18 Dr. Aude Oliva Nancy Kanwisher
Sept 25 Dr. Ethan Bromberg-Martin Mehrdad Jazayeri
Oct 2 Dr. Rafael Yueste KC Chung
Oct 9 Dr. Daniel Choquet Elly Nedivi
Oct 23 Dr. Kelsey Martin Yingxi Lin
Oct 30 Dr. Josh Berke Michale Fee
Nov 6 Dr. Larry Zipursky Martha Constantine-Patton
Nov 13 Dr. Henry Markham
The Hans Lukas Teuber Lecture
Hannah Iccarino
Nov 20 Dr. Susan Sesack Kay Tye
Dec 4 Dr. Geoff Hinton Jean-Jacques Slotine


Spring 2014

Speaker and Affiliation


Feb 6 Dr. C. Ron Yu
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Yingxi Lin
Feb 27 The Hans - Lukas Teuber Lecture
Dr. C. Randy Gallistel
Rutgers University
Julian Jara-Ettinger
March 6 Dr. Cristina Alberini
New York University
Li-Huei Tsai
March 13 Dr. Anton Maximov
Scripps Research Institute
Yingxi Lin
March 20 Dr. Regina M Carelli
University of North Carolina
Kay Tye
April 3 The Picower Lecture
Dr. Carol A. Barnes

University of Arizona
Li-Huei Tsai
April 10 Dr. Xiaoqin Wang
Johns Hopkins University
Guoping Feng
April 17 Dr. Jeffrey Magee
Weifeng Xu
April 24 Dr. Carlos Brody
Princeton University
May 1 Dr. Frederic Theunissen
UC Berekely
Josh McDermott
May 8 The Margaret Bidwell Memorial Lecture
Dr. Rob Malenka
Stanford University
Weifeng Xu


Fall 2013

Speaker and Affiliation


Sept 19 Dr. Jennifer Darnell
The Rockefeller University
Mark Bear
Sept 26 Dr. Gary Aston-Jones
Medical University of South Carolina
Alexi Nott
Oct 10 Dr. Ray Jackendoff
Tufts University
Ted Gibson
Oct 17 Dr. Catherine Dulac
Harvard University
Oct 24 Dr. Suzanne Paradis
Brandeis University
Nov 7 The Hans - Lukas Teuber Lecture
Dr. Matteo Carandini

University College London
Laura Stoppel
Nov 21 Dr. James Surmeier
Northwestern University
Myriam Heiman
Dec 5 Dr. Christian Luscher
Universite de Geneve
Kay Tye


Spring 2013

Feb 7 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Lecture:
Paul Glimcher

New York University
Feb 14 Julie Kauer
Brown University
Feb 21 Mariano Sigman
Feb 28 James Bisley
March 7 Teuber Lecture: Elizabeth Spelke
Harvard University
March 14 Philip Sharp Lecture: Karel Svoboda
March 21 Leslie Ungerlieder
April 11 Randy Buckner
Harvard University
April 18 Massimo Scanziani
April 25 Bidwell Lecture: Gail Mandel
Oregon Health and Science University
May 9 Gero Miesenbock
Oxford University
May 16 Picower Lecture: Paul Greengard

Fall 2012

Sept 13 What happens to motion processing in early human development?
Oliver Braddick

Oxford University
Sept 20 Patricia Janak
Sept 27 Aaron DiAntonio
Washington University
October 4 Believing and Time: A Neural Mechanism for Decision Making
Teuber Lecture: Michael Shadlen

University of Washington
October 11 Zach Mainen

October 25 Nathaniel Heintz
Rockefeller University

November 1 CANCELED
Optimal accumulation of evidence for decision-making in rats and humans
Carlos Brody

Princeton University

November 8 Scott Sternson
November 29 Nancy Bonini
University of Pennsylvania
December 6 Matthew Rushworth

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