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Psychology is the study of human behavior and human mental life. Courses are drawn from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and programs in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The subject material in these courses touches upon most of the topics that might be found in a "traditional" Psychology department. These range from the study of the senses to the impact of Freudian ideas on history. The HASS concentration in Psychology is administered by the interdisciplinary Program in Psychology. The goal of the concentration is to give students exposure to the vast range of topics within Psychology via 9.00 (Introduction to Psychology), and then to provide a more substantial understanding of at least two topics via more specialized subjects chosen fromthe list of Second Level Subjects.


The 3-4 subject Concentration may be easily expanded into a 6-subject Minor, which will appear on your diploma. It is appropriate to concentrate and minor in the same field, and to use the same classes to apply to both. Minoring in a field does not negate the need to file the Concentration forms.


The following subjects can be used to complete a Psychology concentration. Only subjects designated HASS in the MIT Bulletin will be included in the 8-subject HASS requirement. Note particularly that subjects taken outside MIT will not be approved for inclusion in the concentration.

INTRODUCTORY LEVEL SUBJECT (Generally required of all concentrators)

  • 9.00 Introduction to Psychology


  • 9.20 Animal Behavior
  • 9.57J Language Acquisition (same as 24.904J)
  • 9.59J Psycholinguistics (same as 24.905J)
  • 9.65 Cognitive Processes
  • * 9.68 Affect: Biological, Psychological, & Social Aspects of
  • * 9.70 Social Psychology
  • 9.75 Psychology of Gender
  • 9.85 Topics in Infant and Early Childhood Cognition
  • 21A.231J Gender, Sexuality, and Society
  • 24.09 Minds and Machines ~ Not to be counted towards the concentration after Sept. 13, 2011

* no longer offered

For Course 9 majors only 9.00 may be double counted for the concentration.

For more information, please contact the Academic Administrator in Brain and Cognitive Sciences: Kris Kipp