Minor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Minor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

The Minor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences consists of six subjects arranged in two tiers of study, intended to provide students breadth in the field as a whole and some depth in one or two areas of specialization. To find out more, please visit the course catalog.

How to Declare a Minor in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

The BCS Minor consists of six subjects.  The required subjects are 9.00, 9.01, and 9.40.  Students may choose three other subjects of their choice from the list of tier 2 or tier 3 subjects, found in the department's undergraduate degree chart, http://catalog.mit.edu/degree-charts/brain-cognitive-sciences-course-9/.

  1. The Minor Application should be filled out by the end of your sophomore year, but no later than Add Date one full term before the term in which you expect to receive the S.B. degree.
  2. Visit the Registrar website to print out the Minor Application form.
  3. Please contact Jillian Auerbach at jilliana@mit.edu to set-up a time to discuss applying for a minor in BCS, and completion of minor.

NOTE: If you decide not to earn a Minor after applying for one, it is essential that you promptly notify the Academic Office.  Please contact BCS Undergraduate Assistant, Jillian Auerbach at jilliana@mit.edu