Students come to the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences with diverse backgrounds and interests. We inspire them to think big about the mind, and expose them to the many paths that the study of brain and cognitive science can take. 

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Tiered curriculum system

Our intensive undergraduate program is a tiered system that builds on the expertise gained at each preceding level. It begins with a first year introduction to neuroscience, cognitive science and computation, with a particular emphasis on courses that hone critical skills in programming and statistics. Students can focus on individual areas of interest as they progress through the program.

Careers after BCS

Graduates of our program are superbly equipped for the next stage of their career, whether they plan to enter the field directly or pursue further education and training. The paths they choose are as varied as the interests that brought them to MIT. From medicine and computer science to K-12 education, robotics, artificial intelligence, and academia, BCS alumni can be found working in many different settings.