Class Schedule Spring 2018

Class Schedule Spring 2018

Number Title Instructor Classroom Time
9.012 Cognitive Science E. Gibson, P. Sinha, J. Tenenbaum 46-5056 TR 1-4
9.013J Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Core II G. Feng, L-H. Tsai 46-4062 MW 1-2:30
9.110J Nonlinear Control System Design J. J-E. Slotine 1-150 TR 1-2:30
9.123J Neurotechnology in Action A. Jasanoff, E. Boyden, B. Jonas 46-4062 TR 2:30-4
9.190 Computational Psycholinguistics R. P. Levy 46-3189 MW 9:30-11
9.272 Topics in Neural Signal Processing E. N. Brown 46-3015 MW 10:30-12
9.285J Neural Coding and Perception of Sound B. Delgutte, M. C. Brown, J.  McDermott, D. Polley 46-5193 MW 9:30-11:30
9.301J Neural Plasticity in Learning and Memory S. Tonegawa 46-5305 R 1-4
9.34J Biomechanics and Neural Control of Movement  N. Hogan 4-153 TR 1-2:30
9.357 Current Topics in Perception E. Adelson 46-4199 M 3-5



Natural Language and the Computer Representation of Knowledge 


R. Berwick




MW 1-2:30

9.822J Psychology and Economics R. Prelec E52-164 W 4-7
9.S911 Tools for Rigorous and Reproducible Research R. Saxe 46-1015 3/22, 4/19, and 5/17 only, 11-1
9.S913 Learning and Linguistic Representations R. P. Levy

T 32-D461 R 46-3310

TR 5-6:30
9.S914 Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Computations M. Halassa 46-4062 MW11-12           F 1-3
9.S918 MIT Colloquium on the Brain and Cognition: Background Research Seminar J. Di Carlo 46-2033C  W 12-1