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Faculty Handbook (requires MIT Certificate)

BCS Visiting Student Documentation

For information on Visiting Students please review the following documents:

ISO Visiting Student Process

BCS Visiting Student Process

(1) Visiting Student Biographical Information

(2) Visiting Student Request Form

(3) Visiting Student Sample Invitation Letter

(4) Visiting Student Registration Letter

For information on Special Students please visit the Special Student Admissions website.

For information on Exchange Scholars please visit the Exchange Scholar Program website.

At-a-glance: comparison of key points

  Visiting Student Special Student Exchange Scholar
Classes CANNOT take classes Can ONLY take classes May take classes
Research Can ONLY conduct research CANNOT conduct research May conduct research
Status MUST be matriculating at another institution May be matriculating at another institution but not required MUST be matriculating at a participating institution
Degree Level Undergraduate or Graduate Undergraduate or Graduate Graduate Only
Duration 3 weeks to 12 months 1 term, more possible Maximum of 1 academic year
Funding 51% of funding MUST be nonpersonal funds None Home institution pays stipend and tuition
Application Fee $1000 paid by faculty $75 Varies by institution
Costs Registration fees Fall $1500, Spring $1200, Summer $900 + Student Activity Fee, per term Pays tuition & Student Activity Fee, per term Varies by institution
Medical Insurance Required* Required* Required*
Deadline Rolling (75 day notice required) Fall: June 1
Spring: Nov 1
Summer: Mar 1
2 months prior to registration
Required Approval -MIT Faculty Host
-Department Head
-VP of Research
MIT class instructor Home institution
Applications approved by International Students Office Office of Admissions Graduate Dean MIT and host institution

*MUST be purchased from MIT Medical or waived if the student's plan provides adequate coverage. For further information please visit MIT Medical.